Chargers, Controllers, Battery eliminators

June 20,1999
There is a big difference between a battery charger, AC adaptor (referred to as battery eliminators), and charge controller.

A battery charger does just that. It will charge batteries external to a device or sometimes within the device. Sometimes there are two connectors on a radio. One for charging internally and one for providing power via an AC adaptor. Sometimes only one connector is present and it is used to power the device only and to disconnect the batteries in the device. Since it is not known what type of batteries one would install, the industry isn't going to take a chance and try to provide a charging circuit while operating the device not knowing what type (primary or secondary) one has installed. This is not always the case now with portable cell phones and camcorders where there is enough sophistication and a specific type of battery so as to provide both charging and operating since it is known exactly what type of battery is used.... be continued.....